Apna Khata Rajasthan: Jamabandi Nakal, Bhu Naksha, e-dharti

In this article, we will share all the information about the Apna Khata Rajasthan. What is e-dharti Rajasthan, How to download Bhu Naksha, Jamabandi Nakal, How to find Khasra number and land map in Rajasthan?

Due to the digitalization in India, all government agencies are focusing on providing everything in digital form. All state governments also doing a good job to promote the digital India scheme. Now all state government has introduced the lands and Bhu Naksha in digital formate so that all citizens can check their Bhu Naksha online.

अपना खाता पोस्ट को हिंदी में पढ़े

Apna Khata e-Dharti Rajasthan portal

Keeping the digital India initiative in mind the government of Rajasthan has introduced the Apna Khata online portal where all land maps are available in digital format.

There are a lot of benefits of Apna Khata online portal.

  • Now people can check their land map online and can also download the map on their device.
  • By providing the map online Rajasthan government has built a transparent system where all information is accessible by everyone.
  • It’s a very easy and convenient way to check the records of lands.

How to download Jamabandi Nakal?

Now people can check the Jamabandi Nakal of their land map. We are sharing with you all steps to check the Jamabandi Nakal and Khasra numbers. Please check.

1- First step is to open the official website of the Rajasthan Apna Khata apnakhata.raj.nic.in. On the home page Rajasthan government has made available an online Map of the state.

2- Please choose your district from this map. You can click on the district name to open the district map.

apna khata select district

3- On the next page select your Tehsil from the map.

apna khata select tehsil

4- On the next page select your village from the list.

apna khata select village

5- After selecting the village you will see an online form on the next page. Now enter your name, address, city, pincode and click on the Jamabandi Nakal to download Jamabandi pratilipi or click on Namantran Pratilipi to download that.

6- After that you can download Jamabandi Nakal by selecting Khata number, Khasra Number, or Name option.

Nakal Charge

You will have to pay some extra charges for the Jamabandi copy. All charges are given below.

Sr. No.Name of the documentCriteriaFee
1Jamabandi NakalUp to Khasra No 10
for every extra 10 khasra no or for their part
10.00 Rs.
5.00 Rs.
2Naksha NakalFor every 10 khasra no or for their part20.00 Rs.
3Namantaran पी21For each Namantaran20.00 Rs.

Online application for Namantaran

Now you can apply online for the Namantaran through the official website of the Apna Khata portal.

There is a link for the application for the Namantaran online given on the top menu. Click on this link and you will see a new page containing an online form.

application for namantaran apna khata

You will have to complete this online form by providing all necessary information. Please note that the form will be filled only in Hindi language. Application in other language will be rejected by the government.

Now enter all details such as applicant details, name, father’s name, address, mobile number, email id, district

How to check the status of Namantaran?

Now you can also check the status of the Namantaran through a very easy process. Please check the steps given below.

1- First of all you will have to open the official website which is apnakhata.raj.nic.in.

2- On the official website you will find a link for “नामांतरण की स्थिति” on the top menu.

3- Click on this link to open a new page. On the new page, you will see the status of the Namantaran according to the districts.

I hope you got a little bit of idea about the apna khata portal. Thanks for reading this article.

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